It Seems Like You Belong Here

From Kalyani Todd

One day in 1975 I was alone in the meditation retreat kitchen doing the dishes when Narada walked up the covered walkway from the Common Dome, as we called our dining room, and asked if he could have an apple.  I told him, sure.  He helped himself to an apple from the big box in the walkway. We introduced ourselves, and I asked him, “What brings you here?” He said he was searching for something more in life.

After a few minutes talking together, I said, “It seems like you belong here.” His eyes lit up and he smiled, almost in disbelief, and then he looked down, nodding his head as if he agreed. Several times in later years he told me how happy he was about that meeting, because it was what made him decide to join Ananda.

Narada and Kalyani 2009

I’ve always been grateful that Master prompted me to say what I did, because not only did Narada become an integral part of the community, he became one of my best friends, as well. Over the years, each member of my family (Nitai, Prem, and Mirabai) and I have shared countless birthdays, trips, spiritual events, workdays, and casual times with Narada and his mother, Evelyn Agee. They are deeply woven into the fabric of our lives, enriching us forever.

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