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Chapter 3: Stockton

Sojourn in Stockton

From Nitai Deranja:

Narada lived in Stockton through 2004, after serving as the retreat’s handyman.  Kalyani had just moved to Stockton.  She knew a man, Shastri, who had been a temple priest in India.  Kalyani was impressed by him and as he was starting his work down there, Narada went to help him.  Then Narada went to Seattle and made his connection with Dakshina.

Building an Ashram

Here is Narada’s own account of his time with the Hindu priest in Stockton, CA:

In 2003 I went to live with a wonderful Indian Hindu priest for about one and a half years in Stockton, CA.  I helped him build an Ashram.  He called it Maha Shakti Ashram, which means Divine Mother’s Place.  It was very much like living in India, because I was the only westerner in sight.  We ate only Indian food, and followed Indian customs.  I learned a lot about the Indian mind, and their deep spiritual nature.

Ram Kishore Shastri

Comments by Ram Kishore Shastri, the Hindu priest Narada lived with for about 2 years (reported by Kalyani)

Narada wanted to live in nature, in the open. He spent a lot of time meditating. He was hard-working. He was a nice, holy, gentle person, with no ego. He had every good quality. He was always helpful. He hoped to have a family life. His eyes gave him a lot of trouble.

When Shastri-ji heard that Narada had died, he was saddened, but said comfortingly, “All souls are eternal.” He misses Narada and lovingly remembers their time together.