Narada James Agee – In Memoriam

Narada James AgeeThis is blog is a compilation of memories that provide an overview of Narada’s life.  There are contributions from family members, from Ananda members and ministers all over the world; and there are some memories in Narada’s own words, taken from a Living Wisdom Youth Group application he completed as an example for his students.  All who met him were touched by Narada’s huge heart and saintly life.  As much as possible, we have left each contributor’s words intact.  It has been a joy and a privilege to assemble these stories and to learn about Narada’s life.

You may select a chapter, story or author from the list on the right, or just browse all posts. And please feel free to add your comments and memories, as well.

Joy to you!

—Rebecca Davis, Catie Hobson, and Hriman McGilloway, editors.