First Day at Ananda

From Anandi Cornell

I met Narada on his first day at Ananda and took him on a Village tour. I remember thinking, “This man has to move to Ananda. He’s far too gentle, humble, and kind for the regular world.”

I believe Narada is the source of 2 great quotes about Ananda: “This ain’t no retirement community,” and “We’re not building houses, we’re building character.”

Already Angelic

From Anandi Cornell

When I thought of Narada’s swift departure, I deeply appreciated that his soul was already angelic. I thought: No transition to heaven is needed for him. He’s been living that way in his heart for a long time.

I continue to think about him. Yes, I’m praying for him, but I don’t think he needs it. I’m trying to imbue the extraordinary humble, gentle kindness that he represents for me.