Narada Youth Fund

A fund has been established at Ananda Seattle to help continue Narada's work with the Living Wisdom Youth Group, and to provide scholarships for Seattle area young people who would like to attend Living Wisdom High School at Ananda Village. To contribute online, please click on the button above and select "Narada Youth Fund" at the bottom of the form.


Gadgets & Adventures

From James Humecky, Narada’s nephew

My earliest memories of Narada are from when I was about six years old:  he was living in Alaska then.  He was always a rugged, self-sufficient type and he came down to our house in Soldotna.  He was showing us all these gadgets; he had a camper and he showed us how he could make bread in tin cans in the oven.  He built his own kayak and then kayaked down the Kenai River; I remember going to watch him from a bridge as he went under on the river.  This was in the ‘70’s before he got hooked up with Ananda.

He Could Explain Everything

From James Humecky, Narada’s Nephew

When we moved to California, I was about 15 and Narada had been living at Ananda for a few years.  We went to visit Narada.  It was pretty fresh and raw back then and he was always moving, living in a trailer in different places way out on the land someplace.  I have always felt pretty connected with Ananda, getting to know people and seeing their kids grow up.  For a long time he was taking pictures; I have several albums of photos he took and gave to me, of me and my daughter.

He connected with my daughter really well and would take her on these nature walks.  He knew a lot about geology and the formation of the land, and would explain how “that was glacier action.”  I find that I am always thinking about him that way when I’m noticing land forms, his lifestyle and everything.  He was constantly in meditation.   I’d go up to Ananda to visit and he would take us out on nature walks to places like Malakoff Diggings.  He could explain everything.  Narada and Ananda had a lot of influence on me growing up.  His gentleness and acceptance, the non-judgment that he really practiced really well: that has spilled over to how I am with my kids.

My Grandmother

From James Humecky, Narada’s Nephew

I remember how Narada took such good care of my grandmother.  She would go up to Ananda for extended stays and finally she just stayed there; he included her in the community and the community really took her in.   She loved being in the natural setting there.

Love and Acceptance

From James Humecky, Narada’s Nephew

There is a place near where I live, called Hopeland.  It is an environmental education place; they have workshops and a store called Real Goods.  They are really good and have a lot of solar power stuff.  They use Narada’a switchbox, or maybe it is more like a breaker box to switch between power supplies.  I don’t know for sure that Narada taught there but I have to assume he did. When I go by, I think about Narada.  I remember seeing pictures of the solar cook-stoves he built with the kids at Ananda.  He came down to visit at Fort Bragg and would stay at my house.  He helped me put in a telephone cord when I had to move something from one side of the house to the other.

Narada was so understated and mild-mannered with no pretensions, not forceful, just calm and loving. One of my best memories is of a time we had some time, just he and I, alone.  It was the most time we spent alone.  We went for a day-hike, climbed a mountain in Tahoe.  I was about 30 years old and had just gotten a divorce. I have some pictures of that.  He always had some wisdom: that was the kind of guy he was, always coming back to the love angle, love and acceptance.  He was so knowledgeable about nature and geology.  He definitely had a grounding effect.  That was always true of him even before he went to Ananda.