A Tribute from a Stepson

What follows was sent to Dakshina by her son, Ben. 

Narada was a man that was loved and admired, and anyone should be honored to have anything that he thought was important or even interesting.  I’d rather have a machine or book that was interesting to him than gold or silver.

I always knew Narada was a sweet guy and what he meant to you and to Zoe & August [grandchildren], and that was enough for me to love the guy forever. It wasn’t until after he was gone that I realized how much he meant to people, not just in his community that he worked in every day, but to people that barely knew him. I feel honored to have had him as part of my family.

You and I both know that his memory will live on happily in the hearts of many people. And that your grandchildren (and other people’s grandchildren) will have the grandfather they wouldn’t have had otherwise. We’re all better for having known him.