Narada Youth Fund

A fund has been established at Ananda Seattle to help continue Narada's work with the Living Wisdom Youth Group, and to provide scholarships for Seattle area young people who would like to attend Living Wisdom High School at Ananda Village. To contribute online, please click on the button above and select "Narada Youth Fund" at the bottom of the form.



From Mirabai Deranja:

Narada is special to me. He made me laugh when I was a baby and continued to do so as I grew up. He used to call me Mirabubble. I loved it. He told me later that my nickname had been inspired by a photo he took of me; a bubbly little girl covering herself in soap suds, sitting in the bath tub.

We used to go up and visit him and his mom on the hillside. I always felt like we were exploring a tree house because their little place was so concealed inside the forest. Her moto was, “Happiness is a choice.” I try to live by it as much as I can. I think it came second nature to Narada. I remember his kindness and the way he was always so gentle. He always wanted to know what was going on in my life. I felt so safe with him, like whereever he happened to be, I got a little taste of home.

I know we’ll meet again, somewhere new, as old friends.

Narada and Mirabai