From Mirabai Deranja:

Narada is special to me. He made me laugh when I was a baby and continued to do so as I grew up. He used to call me Mirabubble. I loved it. He told me later that my nickname had been inspired by a photo he took of me; a bubbly little girl covering herself in soap suds, sitting in the bath tub.

We used to go up and visit him and his mom on the hillside. I always felt like we were exploring a tree house because their little place was so concealed inside the forest. Her moto was, “Happiness is a choice.” I try to live by it as much as I can. I think it came second nature to Narada. I remember his kindness and the way he was always so gentle. He always wanted to know what was going on in my life. I felt so safe with him, like whereever he happened to be, I got a little taste of home.

I know we’ll meet again, somewhere new, as old friends.

Narada and Mirabai