What Joy Looks Like

From Ruth Stender

Narada is one of those people I will never forget, but barely knew.  When I told my husband about a fellow devotee suddenly passing and that I would be going to his Astral Ascension Ceremony, he asked me who it was.  I answered with, “Well, it’s this man, named Narada, that I’ve never formally met, but who always says hello.  He’s someone who looked me in the eyes and where, in that brief moment, I saw a brightness, a sparkle—the epitome of what I think joy looks like.  His eyes were just so bright, like a star in the night sky, twinkling—full of vitality, life.  He was one of those people who left me feeling touched by something special just being in his presence.  He was God-like”, I said.

The twinkle I saw in Narada’s eyes is difficult to put in words; it was more like an experience, a feeling.  It was a vibration, an energy—one of playfulness, humility, authenticity.  Narada and his modest hello’s left a lasting impression on me.  It is such a blessing to be near someone who beholds such a God-like vibration.  I feel blessed to have shared a few breaths in this lifetime with Narada; someone I barely knew, yet will hold his God-like vibration in my heart forever.  May his soul, and all souls, be filled with ever-new joy.