Coming to Lynnwood

From Hriman McGilloway:

When Padma and I heard that Narada had finished his time in Stockton and was wanting to return to one of the Ananda Communities, we eagerly contacted him to offer him the maintenance position here at the Ananda Community in Lynnwood. It only took a few phone calls. He didn’t seem to need to know many details or come up to scout it out. He came as simply as he lived: he came with his van and tools, and very little else!  It was a big step for us to hire someone for this new position but with the Temple construction soon to start we figured it would work out somehow. And, of course it did!

Projects Everywhere

From Hriman McGilloway:

As time went on, we discovered that not only did Narada bring the maintenance level up a notch, but the Community grounds (lawn, sidewalks, etc.) were always clean and tidy. He loved making shrines and small touches that not everyone would notice at first. More than this, he was soon tackling maintenance projects everywhere at Ananda: the temple, East West Bookshop, Living Wisdom School, and even the homes of individuals.

One day this last winter, after a fierce storm had broken some of the beautiful blue roof tiles at the temple and a storm drain was plugged, he came to me and said, “We need to get people involved in maintaining this temple. It’s brand new, it’s beautiful, and it’s been created by love and devotion. It is a living thing and needs care and love.”

So we decided to make a list of men (mostly) who we felt might respond to the opportunity to be stewards of the Bothell Meditation Temple. The “Temple Stewards” were born just a month or so before Narada left us: just in time (though barely). He had lots of ideas: a gravel patio, outdoor light fixtures and curbs to be repaired, a play area for children, and a larger storage area for tools. The very first meeting and first several work days attracted a very energetic group of souls. He was grateful for each and every person who came. He mentioned to me how much he enjoyed working with Jim Kent and appreciated both Jim’s skills and his commitment.

Perhaps a year ago, we recommended to Narada that he work four rather than five days a week doing Community maintenance. This we felt would free him (a little bit) to do the many creative and serviceful projects he liked, especially with the children, and even, hopefully, (though we suspect it was rare) take a day off to rest.


Narada James Agee – In Memoriam

Narada James AgeeThis is blog is a compilation of memories that provide an overview of Narada’s life.  There are contributions from family members, from Ananda members and ministers all over the world; and there are some memories in Narada’s own words, taken from a Living Wisdom Youth Group application he completed as an example for his students.  All who met him were touched by Narada’s huge heart and saintly life.  As much as possible, we have left each contributor’s words intact.  It has been a joy and a privilege to assemble these stories and to learn about Narada’s life.

You may select a chapter, story or author from the list on the right, or just browse all posts. And please feel free to add your comments and memories, as well.

Joy to you!

—Rebecca Davis, Catie Hobson, and Hriman McGilloway, editors.