Shining Lights

From Dana Anderson:

I worked with Narada on many theater projects.  In one project we were working in town at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.  In this context I had a rare opportunity to witness how others responded to Narada.  Sometimes at Ananda we take for granted the noble qualities of the soul that so many are displaying on a daily basis.  In the worldly spheres these qualities shine brightly.

Narada was doing the lights for the production of “Message for the Millennium”.  Time and again he had to climb up very tall ladders in order to move or shift the lights.  Hours and hours were involved with making miniscule corrections, compounded by the usual litany of things going wrong. So often in theater work there are many temperamental personalities, puffed egos and impatient behaviors that emerge in these situations. Narada’s steady calm and cheerful energy actually began to attract a crowd of onlookers.  The staff at the center would watch him at work and marvel at his patience and his peaceful nature. He made such an indelible impression that years later people would ask me about ‘Jim’.

Narada was a pure and gentle soul with a childlike heart.  Even through the thick and thin of life’s vicissitudes, through both outer challenges and times of inner struggle, Narada remained so steady in his bearing.  Though I saw him move through formidable challenges, I never once saw him lose his awareness of others, his gentle spirit, his patience with life, his sense of humor, or his burning ember of love for God.  These noble qualities are surely sending him with leaps and bounds to higher spheres.  From the tall ladder of these celestial realms I am sure he is now focusing a special spotlight down to us who are still in the play…