Kitty Walkway

From Prisha Kirby:

For me, one of the sweetest memories of Narada is kitty-related. In 2002, when I came to live at the Village, Narada was living and working at the Meditation Retreat. Also at the Retreat was a self-appointed lord and master cat named Arjun. For no apparent reason, he began behaving very badly toward his sister, who had a close bond with Narada. So the compassionate Narada began in turn looking for a home for her somewhere else.

At the time I was staying in the new wing of Chandi House with a kitty of my own that I’d brought all the way from the East Coast, sharing a suite with Eliane (then single). Eliane volunteered to take Arjun’s sister, with my blessing. We thus became a foursome in the suite.

Narada wasn’t content with merely finding a good home for his little one but also ensuring that she’d have no difficulty getting in and out of our suite, which for my own cat had entailed using a windowsill to jump down from and up to. He proceeded to create a customized kitty walkway: a long board with cross-pieces positioned just far enough for little kitty legs to step comfortably and securely when slanted against the sill.

The care that Narada took on behalf of a little animal has always touched me deeply. May he be blessed with many more furry companions in his new life.