Narada Youth Fund

A fund has been established at Ananda Seattle to help continue Narada's work with the Living Wisdom Youth Group, and to provide scholarships for Seattle area young people who would like to attend Living Wisdom High School at Ananda Village. To contribute online, please click on the button above and select "Narada Youth Fund" at the bottom of the form.


Sweet care

From Sahaja Sims

Narada loved his mother and so sweetly took care of her with the help of the high school girls at the end of her life.  His mother was a very refined woman.


From Sahaja Sims

I had the great blessing of working with Narada at the Meditation retreat for three to four years.  He was one of the sweetest men I have ever known.  Narada loved to make ice cream from scratch and also he loved to make the Prasad when we had events. He would take every opportunity to do things with young people. Narada was a good friend to all.

With Our Guru Already

From Sahaja Sims

When I heard the news about Narada’s passing, I stopped in that moment and prayed to Master to be with him.  I had the most joyful feeling and felt an expansion of light in my heart. I knew then that he was already with our Guru.