Secret Rendezvous

From Sandi Koshari

Narada, his Mom Evelyn and I lived at Chandi together until Evelyn passed on. Narada and I were “cooking partners”—once weekly we cooked for the Chandi occupants (as did everyone else). What was unique about the meal Narada and I served every week is….it was always the same, always. I am sure that everyone appreciated knowing what to expect. :-)

Evelyn and I had multiple secret rendezvous in the kitchen. She was my mentor for this activity: “Get the half-gallon of vanilla ice cream out of the freezer.  Put it on the kitchen island counter. Take the chocolate syrup out of the refrigerator and place it next to the ice cream. Get two large soup spoons. Look furtively around to determine that no one else is present. Position yourself on one side of the counter facing the half-gallon of ice cream. (Evelyn stood on one side, I stood on the other side.) Pour some chocolate syrup into the half-gallon container and dig in.”  We took turns scooping out large spoonsful.  All this being an untold secret until now.