San Giovanni Rotondo

From Mary Mintey, Ananda Italy

I consider myself lucky to have been a friend of Narada when I lived at the Village, as he is one of the sweetest beings that I’ve ever known.  Shortly after I arrived at Ananda Assisi, Narada and J.T. Heater came to help to build our new temple, Narada to do the electronic work.  

It was May, and Vairagi and I had decided that we would like to visit San Giovanni Rotondo, the town that has become a shrine for the Saint Padre Pio.  Neither of us had been there before, and we asked Narada and J.T if they would like to come with us. They said yes, and we borrowed a community car and traveled to visit the Saint. We spent three days together.

What a special time; we felt the vibration of Padre Pio with us the whole way.  We were quite a team, the four of us, blissed out for days. Then we drove back along the Azure Coast.  We had such a good time, taking in the sights.  When I think of Narada, I think of that trip, his devotion on pilgrimage, his laughter, and his inner joy.  I will always remember him.