Narada Youth Fund

A fund has been established at Ananda Seattle to help continue Narada's work with the Living Wisdom Youth Group, and to provide scholarships for Seattle area young people who would like to attend Living Wisdom High School at Ananda Village. To contribute online, please click on the button above and select "Narada Youth Fund" at the bottom of the form.


Indian Pilgrimage

From Nitai Deranja

It was about 1980 when Kalyani had guidance in her meditation that she needed to go to India to see Anandamayi Ma before she passed.  This was a time when Ananda was very rural and there was very little money.  And part of her vision was that I was to go.   I didn’t know how we were going to do it.

Well, word got out in the community, and people got very excited about sending us.  Narada was one of them.  They organized an auction to raise money, mostly selling to each other.  They raised $4,000.

One day Narada knocked at my door and said, ”I’m going with you.”  Narada had been at the laundry and another member of the community had expressed appreciation for how selflessly people had helped raise money for us to go to India, and Narada had been greatly involved in this way. No one else but Swami had been to India at this time.

Happiness is a Choice

From Nitai Deranja

Narada’s mother lived at Ananda for six years.  All her responsibilities were done, so she was free to come here.  I don’t know if she took Kriya, but she was a wonderful person, a very saintly soul.  She always applied her motto, ”happiness is a choice,” to every situation.  She brought it to bear on everything she did.  She and Narada had a very special relationship.  More than mother and son, they were like gurubais.  She had several children, but Narada was the most attuned to what she had to offer.  And he got a lot from her.  Her same qualities of selfless service were always there in Narada.

The last year of his mother’s life was 1998.  He was living at the high school, and she and Narada had rooms down one hall.  In October, Evelyn discovered she had terminal cancer and by November she was needing a lot of assistance.  In January she was bedridden, and the girls would come in every day to help with her care.  In all that she went through, Evelyn continued to choose happiness.  She was a role model for how to live a very challenging life.

Sojourn in Stockton

From Nitai Deranja:

Narada lived in Stockton through 2004, after serving as the retreat’s handyman.  Kalyani had just moved to Stockton.  She knew a man, Shastri, who had been a temple priest in India.  Kalyani was impressed by him and as he was starting his work down there, Narada went to help him.  Then Narada went to Seattle and made his connection with Dakshina.