Penguin Mission

From Sitabai Betts

I have a silly story of Narada. I worked with Narada for some time at Ananda Power Technologies; he was a founding energy to that solar company. We used to laugh together that someday we’d go out and do our “mission” serving the work, delivering Master’s teachings to new devotees.

One day Narada came to tell me that he had seen a nature program in which an airplane had flown over the penguins of Antarctica, and the penguins all fell over like dominos that had been lined up to all bump over the next one! They had been so concentrated and focused on the airplane that Narada and I decided they would make the perfect congregation, we would just have to minister to them “the good word” and they would be the most attentive focused parishioners we could ever hope for.

As a result, Narada and I would perfect our penguin quacking together in order to learn the new language to be able to go on our mission. It was a joy to always bump into Narada forever after, for years and years, we quacked our greetings! Narada had a joyful upbeat heart and a ready smile that was infectious.

Another friend told a story at lunch today that was funny, maybe you will hear it from another. There was an occasion in which Narada was asked on the job if this was his normal speed of operation, and he answered, “Well, no, I have two speeds.  This one and one that you won’t like much.”

Finally, someone said that we believe Narada was our first Ananda maintenance guy here at Ananda Village. That makes him our patron saint, and we will be honoring him for years to come in our Department!