We Work Together

From Jayadevi Popkie

Narada Agee was one of the most humble and deeply devoted people I have ever met. One of the first times I really noticed his humble sweetness was when I was introducing him to my parents. He was the boss of a friend of mine. Not only his boss, but the co-founder of the business and inventor of a new solar energy product. When I introduced him he just said “Hi, Jeff and I work together.” He never put himself above others. He was a friend even when in a position of authority.

He was also brilliant and fun. We played on of those games where you have to know strange facts about history and geography and science. We were stunned to realize how much he knew.

Giving Gifts

From Jayadevi Popkie:

Narada is an honored friend and a part of our family. In 2002 he substituted for my father, who was ill, and gave me away at my wedding.  He would often visit and bring gifts for our daughter. Sweet little things like slap-on arm bracelets and barrettes. He had been collecting them for some time before just so he would have gifts for a child in case he came across any.

There was a woman who had been in prison for 20 years for a crime for which she was innocent. She was someone the community prayed for and she was very dedicated to her practice of yoga—she even taught yoga in the prison. When she was released from prison, after many Ananda members wrote to the governor asking for her release, she visited the community. She didn’t really know us personally but she beamed when she met Narada and found out who he was. He, who didn’t know her at all, had been sending her stamps for years. Stamps are kind of like money in prison. They let the inmates get things that they need to make life a little more comfortable.

He was so humble and giving, without any need for recognition. A great and saintly soul.