From Ananta McSweeney

It seems the salient quality of Narada’s life was his humility.

Narada with Swami Kriyananda

When he first came to the village in the mid-70′s he was one of only two certified electricians (the other being Muktan Knowles).  Swamiji lived in the dome and had electricity only from a generator.  Whenever it would go out, Narada would get the call.  I remember many nights holding the flashlight for him, or moving the two 12-volt car batteries out of his way so he could fix the generator and get Swami back in the light. He was always cheerful and eager to help Swamiji, even if it was very cold, wet and dark, which it usually was. He was very devoted to serving Swamiji in any way he could.

One of his greatest aphorisms was, “Why, there’s nothing holding back this project now but a lack of money and common sense!”  It seems that many projects we worked on in the 70′s were especially suited to this truth.

He worked tirelessly on whatever project we were doing.  He spent many long hours for many long months getting the Shower House at Ananda Farm working.  It was the first indoor flush toilet and the first clean water shower at downtown Ananda.  The project involved water, septic and electricity, a pump from the septic tank to a distant leach field. Narada, as always, was cheerful, cooperative in the utmost, joyful despite circumstances beyond our control (El Nino rains flooding the project repeatedly).  Beyond all that, he was also a very professional electrician and absolutely invaluable to the success of the project.  As the project repeatedly went underwater with deluge after deluge, I would ask Narada each morning, “What’s the weather forecast for today?”   And he would affirm, “Santa Ana winds and a drying pattern!”  Miraculously, it stopped raining long enough for us to get the septic tanks in the ground in downtown Ananda.

I seriously doubt anyone could dislike Narada; he was a friend to all who ever crossed his path.  His kindness and devotion to God and Guru will live forever in our hearts.  Jai Narada.