Swami Kriyananda Moves to Los Angeles!

Over fifty Ananda members from the Seattle Sangha have just returned from our journey to Ananda Village, CA for the annual week of Spiritual Renewal with Swami Kriyananda. It was a week of fellowship, inspiration, meditation, sunshine, cooling breezes, delicious meals, starlit skies and so much more. On Saturday, Cliff and Willow Kushler invited us to visit and to bless their new home, having just moved from Lynnwood only two weeks before.

Swami Kriyananda and a teaching and support staff are moving this week in preparation for events this next weekend including a public talk at the Ford Theatre (across the street from the Hollywood Bowl) Sunday night. (See anandala.org for more details). Swamiji has announced that he will reside in Los Angeles in order to teach and share in the city where his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, had taken up residence and his worldwide headquarters so many decades ago.

Swamiji is one of perhaps only five remaining direct disciples who had lived with Yogananda. His sixty-two years of living discipleship have included hundreds of lectures, over one hundred books, TV shows, eight intentional communities around the world, retreat centers and most of all thousands of souls inspired and devoted to the path of Kriya Yoga as taught by his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. No other direct disciple has given so much in public service. He has done so on the basis of personal instruction given to him by Yogananda who said, more than once, that Swamiji’s life was to be one of teaching, editing, and writing.

Nayaswami Kriyananda is taking up residence in the City of the Angels to resurrect the image and life of the great guru and master Paramhansa Yogananda as a world teacher and complete human being. Yogananda was great in many ways not least of which in all the ways a human being can be great: kindness, graciousness, wisdom, creativeness, energy, laughter, and a childlike humility that reached to the farthest star and offered respect for the (sometimes well hidden) soul in every human being he met.

Padma and I will be going to Los Angeles this weekend also, along with countless others from other west coast and international Ananda Communities, to support and bear witness to what will be the latest of many landmark events in Swami Kriyananda’s long and distinguished life of public service to God and guru.

In the eyes of thousands, it is Swami Kriyananda who wears the mantle of the leadership of Paramhansa Yogananda’s worldwide work of bringing the message of Self-realization through Kriya Yoga to truth seeking souls everywhere. Though opposed by other direct disciples who interpreted his public service in the worst possible light, he has carried on his life’s work with the cooperation and support of like-minded friends and fellow gurubhais from around the world.

Now in the latter years of his life, the public awareness and recognition that sometimes eluded him in the past is rising steadily like a tsunami which is now homeward bound to Los Angeles where Kriyananda first met and lived with Yogananda! As it was King Henry I, youngest son of William the Conqueror and not his elder brothers who carried on his father’s work, so, too, it was to be the youngest direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, who was destined to carry on the work of his spiritual father.

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