Meditation Tips – January 2009

One of the techniques we teach and use in our meditation practice is to watch the breath. This simple practice gives us something on which to focus our attention, drawing it more and more inward.  The emphasis is on being the observer, to watch the breath, and not to control it in any way.  A little different emphasis was given by Yogananda as told to Swami Kriyananda and related in the book, Conversations with Yogananda, as follows:

“When watching the breath, I’ve previously taught not to control its flow. I wanted to tell you today, however, that that flow may be controlled to this extent: Between each breath, try, for that brief moment, to deepen the sense of release you feel from the need to breathe. Gradually, by natural degrees, those pauses will increase in length. You may, if you like, teach the technique this way to others.”

Happy Meditating!

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